At Honey Child we make all of our delicious hand crafted pops with no refined sugar. That’s right- no sugar, no dairy, no gluten. Instead we sweeten our pops with a touch of honey or maple syrup if we use any sweetener at all. You really can taste the difference.



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OUR roots


So there we were.

It was a warm spring day in Chicago, and Sarah and I had just picked the girls up from school. That’s when I noticed we were trapped. At the end of the block sat an ice cream truck blaring it’s siren song, calling us to crash upon its sugary waves.

We searched the menu board for the least troubling option only to find that there was only one: sugar, and lots of it. Every choice carried the same fate: first yummy delight, then a rush of energy followed quickly by a hard crash.

We walked home, treats in hand, contemplating the alternatives only to discover that there were few. We started talking to our family, our friends, and anyone who would listen.

We heard from a mom who couldn’t get her child to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. We listened to aging baby boomers who love treats but are changing their diets to reduce sugar intake. We took notes from the fitness fanatic who wants a treat that doesn’t mess with their nutrition program. And we heard from everyday adults who want a refreshing frozen alcoholic treat that isn’t a sugary margarita or daiquiri.

We quickly realized that in a crowded field of frozen novelties there is an opportunity to craft a line of products that is better for you and does not compromise on taste. That’s when the dream got serious, and that’s why we created Honey Child Artisan Pops.





Our Play Pops come in a dazzling variety of fresh flavors and naturally vibrant colors. You’ll find delicious mainstays such as Strawberry and Mango, but also a variety of unique flavor blends such as Ginger Berry and Strawberry Basil



Our Power Pops build on the idea, packing superfoods and proteins into yummy frozen treats. On a hot day or after a workout, they are the perfect grab and go substitute for a smoothie, shake, or protein bar.



Having an event? Our Party Poptails are alcohol infused frozen cocktails that are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Made with the same great ingredients as all of our other pops, these icy treats will be the life of your next party, wedding, or social gathering.


Call (513) 800–0911 from 9am-6pm daily, or book online via email at: info@honeychildpops.com

1719 Elm Street, Cincinnati OH 45202